Afro Carib­bean and Afro Bra­zi­lian cult in Wes­tern Occultism

  • Datum: 2015-10-22
  • Tid: 17:00–19:00
  • Plats: VG Nation, Västra Åga­tan 18, 753 09 Uppsala

Före­lä­sare: Rune Hjarno Rasmus­sen, dok­to­rand i Reli­gi­ons­hi­sto­ria vid Uppsala Universitet.

The Afro Atlan­tic reli­gi­ons Vodou, San­te­ria and Can­dom­blé have been the tar­get of a histo­ri­cally uni­que level of Euro­pean demo­ni­za­tion. But there is also a long history of appeal and inspi­ra­tion between these poly­t­heist cults of West Afri­can ori­gin and the occult ad popu­lar reli­gi­ons of the Euro­pe­ans who inte­rac­ted with Afri­cans during one of the most bru­tal atro­ci­ties in history, the trans­at­lan­tic slavetrade.

The first part of the lecture will intro­duce some fun­da­men­tal ele­ments of these tra­di­tions on the basis of my field­work in Bra­zi­lian can­dom­blé. I will show some recor­dings from my field­work which the­ma­ti­cally demon­stra­tes the ritual tech­no­lo­gies that con­struct dei­ties, indu­ces trance and situ­a­tes inte­rac­tion with dei­ties. The recor­dings also shows a reli­gion in which ero­tic expres­sion plays a pro­mi­nent role. It is a tra­di­tio­nally mat­ri­ar­chal reli­gion in which homo­sex­u­a­lity and homo­e­ro­tic play is central.

The second part of the lecture will give a brief over­view of the history of inte­rac­tion between Afro Atlan­tic reli­gion and Euro­pean occul­tism. What is the role of the demo­ni­za­tion which Euro­pe­ans have tra­di­tio­nally aimed at Afri­can reli­gi­ous cul­ture. Since Vodou played a role in moti­va­ting the Hai­tian revo­lu­tion and until today a spe­ci­fic brand of fasci­na­tion mixed with fear has cha­rac­te­ri­zed our per­cep­tions of the Afri­can as “The Ulti­mate Occult Other”. I will pre­sent examples of how this per­cep­tion has sha­ped the flow of inspi­ra­tion between Afro-Atlantic and Euro­pean reli­gi­ons.
Afro Atlan­tic reli­gi­ons are pre­sently expe­ri­en­cing a rapid spread. From Cuba, Haiti and Bra­zil migra­tions are put­ting them on the map in Euro­pean and North Ame­ri­can cities. During the 00’es San­te­ria was the fas­test growing reli­gion in the US and also in Europe occul­tists seem to become fasci­na­ted by these religions.


Före­dra­get finan­sie­ras med stöd av Folk­u­ni­ver­si­tets­för­e­ningen och är öppet för all­män­he­ten. Inträ­det är gra­tis, men kon­tanta bidrag till den ide­ella verk­sam­he­ten mot­ta­ges tacksamt.


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